What to expect during "SAVAGE" Training


Credit: Florida Baseball Ranch

11 Point Head to Toe assessment: Every TJ SAVAGE Power hitter, regardless of age or experience level, starts with the most comprehensive, thorough and multi-faceted assessment in the baseball training industry. During the initial evaluation we gather information from two critical sources: 1). The athlete's body and his capacity to efficiently and powerfully move. 2). The speed and path of his movement with the bat

Video Hitting Analysis


Blast technology allows us to evaluate the hitter's ability to produce key swing characteristics like bat speed, attack angle, bat path, and time to contact.

Corrective Exercises and Stretches

based on info gathered on physical assessment.

Each SAVAGE hitter will be given an individualized stretching program specifically design to improve the ROM in the areas deemed "needing improvement" during the physical assessment.

Corrective Hitting Drills.

12 point video analysis from stance to finish.

Each SAVAGE Hitter will be given corrective hitting drills to improve on areas we identified as a problem or just needing improvement.