Custom Baseball Workouts

Before Beginning Your SAVAGE Training Experience

Every hitter must start with a 1on1 precision video analysis.  Hitters will complete this so they can begin their SAVAGE training to increase hitting power and mechanics. These evaluations are vital to training plan customization and optimal development .

Time & Cost Of Video Analysis.  The cost is currently in offseason savings priced at $75 and the assessment lasts up to 1 hour.

To schedule your Video Evaluation purchase a 1 on 1 lesson and then pick your time.  

If you can't make it on one of those times, consider the individual evaluation which is scheduled by appointment ($125).

Once you have your personal hitting workout you are ready to schedule your 2nd SAVAGE Training session. 
Off -Season times in effect
Currently Private/Semi Private lesson are available for scheduling  Monday thru Friday 
6:30pm - 9pm
Some instances it may be 5:30 if no plyometric classes are booked.

Procedure/Pricing Procedure/Pricing Procedure/Pricing