About Myself

About Myself About Myself About Myself
If you have made it this far down I am going to assume you or you have a son that is interested in becoming a SAVAGE HITTER.  First let me tell you some facts about myself:
  • I am a 1985 graduate from THE CITADEL where I was All-Conference, All-Atlantic Region and Voted All - American 3rd Team behind Shortstops Barry Larkin and Joey Cora way back in the Stone Age.
  • Drafted 2nd round by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1985 Amateur Draft.
  • Moved up A, AA, AAA every year in the Cardinal Organization until called up to the Majors in Oct 1988.
  • Went on to play with the Cardinals as a utility infielder for all or parts of 6 seasons '88-'93.  I just couldn't beat out some guy named Ozzie Smith.
  • My childhood friend and college teammate Randy Sullivan of the Florida Baseball Ranch would be remiss if I did not mention he best me by .001 in career batting avg at The Citadel something like .347 to .346.  Aargh (Bragging rights)
Now that I mentioned all that...does that make me a good baseball coach?     Absolutely NOT!!!!  I have given baseball hitting lesson off and on for the last 23 years from St. Louis, Tampa and Little Rock.  And while for the most part I loved it there were many times I felt I was not helping anyone.  Mainly due to the fact a parent would hire me to give their son 1 or maybe 4 hitting lessons and somehow that was going to change their son into some All-star.  A lot of the time the kid wouldn't pick up his bat until it was time for another lesson.  I"ll dive into this later but most of the lessons would consist of hitting of a tee with verbal cues like "keep the back elbow up",  "Front shoulder down" and finally if they hit a line drive.  "great Swing".  We have now learned this type of training does not work well.   When I look back at my early childhood and when I first started hitting a baseball,  I practiced on my own with no verbal feedback for me to process.  I knew I just needed to hit the ball hard.  I would watch the Major Leaguers (Pete Rose was my man) and go hit 100 baseball of a construction cone I had.  My dad worked 70hrs/wk when I was little so I did not have that his constant verbal instruction after each swing.  I would swing and have to figure it out myself.  In some way that is how we are going to train at Tim Jones' SAVAGE Hitting.  There is not going to be a lot of talking but a lot of swinging.